This horror movie causes a sensation in the USA: spectators leave the theater, vomit and faint

Eva Deschamps / October 23, 2022

Director Damien Leone's "The Terrifier 2" is getting a lot of buzz. The reason? Particularly gory and unhealthy scenes that cause discomfort in the room.


This is the movie that is currently causing a sensation in the USA. "The Terrifier 2", direct sequel to the first one released in 2016, tells the story of the killer clown Art and his crimes. The latter decides to attack a teenage girl and her brother on Halloween night. Behind its rather basic story, the film would cause states of unease in some viewers because of its violent scenes and difficult to support.


That's all it took for some people to have fun filming the audience's reactions during the screening. "My friend fainted and the theater called an ambulance. Highly recommended" wrote one viewer.


Not having imagined such reactions, the director explains: "It's a kind of badge of honor because it's an intense film. But I don't want people to faint or get hurt. In the meantime, "The Terrifier 2" is doing well in theaters, much to the delight of its director. At the moment, a release date in Europe has not yet been announced.


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