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Secondaire en spectacle program, offer to the young participants the opportunity to gather around the performing arts and to experience the performing arts, whether as artists, animators, technicians, journalists or organizers.


The local final is a show presented in front of an audience, and which takes place in each of the secondary schools registered in the program. During this show, the young artists are evaluated by a jury which is responsible for selecting, according to the allocation method adopted by the school, the numbers that will represent the school in the regional final.

To complete the show, exhibition numbers can also be presented during the local final. These are numbers which will not be evaluated by the jury and which, by the same token, will not be able to make it to the other stages of the program.

All types of participants join the local final to fulfill their respective roles, according to the modalities determined by each region.

Each of the regions participating in Secondary en spectacle organizes one or more regional finals, in which the winning numbers of the local finals will participate. During this show presented to an audience, the jury will have to select three winning numbers that will represent the region during the Rendez-vous panqubecois.

The decision to hold one or more regional finals in the same region is determined by the regional coordination and approved by the Secondary en spectacle corporation. This decision generally depends on the number of schools in the territory.

All types of participants also join the regional final to fulfill their respective roles, according to the modalities determined by each region.

The Rendez-vous panquebecois de Secondaire en spectacle is the largest gathering of amateur artists in Quebec. This non-competitive event brings together, in a professional context, young artists, animators, technicians, journalists and winning organizers. Each region also has the possibility of sending free participants.

Each year, the Rendez-vous panqubecois travels across Quebec depending on the host regions selected to host the event.

The Rendez-vous panquebecois is a unique opportunity for all young people to participate in numerous training courses in the performing arts, to discover the host region through recreational and tourist visits as well as to attend professional-quality shows, where performers perform. laureates and animators and to which the technicians, journalists and organizers contribute. It is also an opportunity for young people and school workers from all over the province to come together, exchange ideas and share their passion in a friendly cultural context.

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