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Founder of Verified Handles

James Haworth known online as realjamesh is a businessperson and computer scientist known for founding Verified Handles. .


James Haworth, known by his online pseudonym realjamesh is a British businessperson known for founding the anti-impersonation database Verified Handles.

Haworth grew up in England and began using social media to share his experiences and passions from a young age. He first posted pictures on his fast growing Instagram of tech products and lifestyle images around 2018.

In 2019 James made his first proper YouTube video on his now-defunct channel. It was a how to video and he later went on to commentaries style videos as well as gaming content.2019 was also the year when realjamesh released his first single, titled 'Em Haters, the song talked about hate online and how its best to follow your dreams and ambitions not letting others stop you from achieving them.In May of 2020 James released his final single, 'Blue Check', which was on the subject of blue-check verification and impersonation on social platforms and how it affected his online presence.

realjamesh later deleted the songs mid-2020 citing copyright and content changes as the reason.Also in 2020, he founded JEM Media, a now-defunct social media management company that has since rebranded to Verified Handles as part of a re-structure.Later the same year realjamesh founded Verified Handles, a first of its kind website aimed at combating impersonation by listing social handles and other key data on entities.

The non-profit has been a success for James and he and the development team continue to improve the site.