LUKASMR Chris TDL Verified

French Youtuber

Pedrono Lukas, better known online as LUKASMR is a French YouTuber known for his activity in the ASMR community.


Lukas started making Vlog-style YouTube videos in 2016, but that won't work. In 2021 he decided to try the YouTube adventure again and created his Youtube channel "LUKASMR" which progressed very quickly in a few weeks.Much of his videos are under the popular ASMR theme of mouth noise, and generally every other video is dedicated to another ASMR video theme on his channel as shown in a video by Lukas.

Lukas said he discovered ASMR in 2017, having seen for the first time a video that he liked very much and which made him want to possibly start producing videos in the future as well.Lukas repeatedly features new ASMR personalities on his channel, to highlight them and help them progress in their ASMR careers.In September 2021, he obtained his first official partnership with the microphone brand "Fifine", to perform a presentation, unpacking and test of their new microphones in real users.

 Various other potential partnerships with his Youtube channel are currently under discussion.

Lukas currently publishes between 2 and 3 videos per week, similar to his current studies.