What will become of Melania Trump? She is already preparing her new life away from Washington

Sylvie Claire / December 8, 2020

Donald Trump


According to the American magazine People, the Trump family is gradually preparing its new life far from the capital Washington D.C. As of January 20, it is President-elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill who will take up their quarters at the White House.


No way for President Trump to return to New York, where the return of his daughter Ivanka is in dispute. It is therefore in Florida, in their mansion in Mar-a-Lago that the Trumps should reside most of the year. Melania Trump is said to be already looking for a good school for her son Barron.


According to another indiscretion revealed by the magazine, renovations will begin in the Florida residence that the billionaire bought in the 1980s, to "make it a more comfortable and more permanent home. »


The White House, for its part, has not officially commented on the Trump family's intentions.

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