War in Ukraine: US embassy in Kiev reopens with new ambassador

Sylvie Claire / May 19, 2022

Today, we officially resume operations at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv. The Ukrainian people, with our security assistance, defended their homeland against Russia's irresponsible invasion, and as a result, the Star Spangled Banner is once again flying over the embassy he said in a statement after the American flag was raised.
Late Wednesday night, the U.S. Senate also confirmed Bridget Brink, a career diplomat, as the country's new ambassador to Ukraine.
The United States has not had an ambassador to Ukraine since 2019, when former President Donald Trump removed Ambassador Marie Yovanovich from her post.
The United States decided to move its embassy in Ukraine from Kiev to Lviv, near the Polish border, on February 14, ten days before the beginning of the Russian invasion, before evacuating all its personnel from the country.
Several European countries have already reopened their embassies in Kiev.
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