USA: New storms hit shortly after Biden's visit to Kentucky disaster victims

Steph Deschamps / December 16, 2021


Hours after President Joe Biden's visit to Kentucky, several U.S. states were again hit by high winds and tornadoes.
Severe storms hit the central and northeastern United States again in recent hours. Strong winds swept through several states such as Iowa and Minnesota causing severe damage in cities already hit by severe weather and tornadoes less than a week ago. The U.S. Weather Service MWS warned Midwesterners of extremely severe, potentially record-breaking thunderstorms, predicting snow, thunderstorms, tornadoes and local fire hazards.
More than 400,000 people were without power in several states last night such as Kansas, Missouri and Colorado. They were affected by an impressive sandstorm. These new meteorological phenomena come a few hours after a visit of Joe Biden in Kentucky. The American president promised that the federal government would help these inhabitants and cover 100% of the costs of the clearing work for 30 days. In this state, the most affected by Friday's tornadoes, 74 people have lost their lives and about a hundred people are still missing.
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