USA: Biden half-heartedly insulted during a Christmas phone call

Eva Deschamps / December 25, 2021

U.S. President Joe Biden was half-heartedly insulted during a Christmas celebration phone call when a father used a code phrase popular among supporters of former President Donald Trump.
The president and his wife Jill followed the tradition of talking with a few people calling a special line to follow Santa's tour, run since 1955 by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Via video conference from the White House, they were connected to a man who said his name was Jared and he was the father of four children.
After talking briefly with the children about the gifts they had ordered and urging them to go to bed before midnight, Mr. Biden spoke with the father, pointing out that they both had a son named Hunter. Ending the conversation, the American president wished a wonderful Christmas to his interlocutor, who replied I also wish you a wonderful Christmas, Merry Christmas before ending his words with Let's go Brandon. Let's go Brandon', I agree, replied Mr. Biden, without further reaction to this coded formula.
This phrase is used by supporters of former President Donald Trump in place of the insult Fuck Joe Biden.
While it was not immediately clear whether the president caught the reference, Jill Biden did have an embarrassed laugh and a mimicry with her eyes. The video clip of this exchange went viral on social networks, with some users praising the president for remaining unmoved. It all started with the mistake of an NBC reporter interviewing race car driver Brandon Brown in early October after his victory on a Nascar track.
Raising her voice to drown out the rumors coming from the stands, she said, And you can hear the crowd chanting, 'Go Brandon! In fact, you can hear the crowd chanting Fuck Joe Biden! quite clearly. The phrase Let's Go Brandon quickly became a slogan for insulting Joe Biden without using the proscribed F word. In addition to ordinary Donald Trump supporters, prominent Republican politicians have even picked up the phrase.
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