USA: 89-year-old pizza delivery boy receives $ 12,000 in tip

Sylvie Claire / September 28, 2020


Derlin Newey, an 89-year-old pizza delivery boy from Utah, USA, had the surprise of his life Tuesday morning, September 22. The Valdez family, who are one of his regular customers, gave him a check for $ 12,069 (over 10,000 euros). This incredible tip corresponds to the amount collected via a pot in which all the fans of the old man participated. He is indeed a star on the social network TikTok, indicates CNN.


On the social network, the @ vendingheads channel created by the Valdez compiles videos of the deliveries of Derlin Newey. The images showcase the kindness and good humor of this employee of Papa John’s, the pizza giant in the United States. The account is followed by 53,000 people, many of whom wanted to reward the joviality of the delivery man.


Forced to work


Many Internet users regretted that the American was still forced to work at his age. The octogenarian has been employed by Papa John’s thirty hours a week since social assistance for retirees no longer allows him to make ends meet. The Valdez family particularly appreciate Derlin Newey and his professionalism and ask to be delivered by the old man to each of his orders.


This time around, they turned the tables and went to their favorite employee's house to give them a check signed by their "TikTok Family". "How can I ever thank you?" ", Reacted the interested party on the verge of tears. “He needed it. I'm glad we can help him, said Carlos Valdez. It’s really important to treat people with the kindness and respect that he shows. ” Derlin Newey was also given a T-shirt with the phrase he says on each delivery: "Hello, are you looking for a pizza? « 


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