United States: Kellyanne Conway, close advisor to Donald Trump, resigns from the White House

Sylvie Claire / August 24, 2020


Kellyanne Conway, a close advisor to President Donald Trump known for her heated interactions with reporters, announced on Sunday that she was stepping down to devote herself to her family.


The 53-year-old communications advisor has been with Donald Trump from day one, leading the 2016 campaign that catapulted the billionaire to the White House.


But the last four years spent fiercely defending the American president, especially on television, have come at a price for this combative woman who notably shaped and defended the concept of "alternative facts ».


Her husband, Conservative lawyer George Conway, is therefore one of Mr. Trump's most ardent critics, questioning his mental ability to run the country.


In a statement, Conway said she would leave the White House "at the end of the month." This decision "is entirely my choice," she added, adding that she would announce her "future plans in due course". "For now and for my beloved children, it will be less drama, more mom," she added. This announcement came the day after a tweet from her daughter Claudia, 15, who said she was "devastated" because her mother would speak at the Republican convention, and pledged to demand legal emancipation "because of 'years of childhood trauma and abuse « .


Credit : RTBF 

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