United States: a photo of the family swept more than 200 km by the tornadoes

Eva Deschamps / December 13, 2021

As Katie Posten left her home in New Albany, Indiana on Saturday morning, her eyes were drawn to this small black and white photograph that was stuck to the window of her car.
The image, showing a woman in a striped dress holding a child, and displaying Gertie Swatzell and JD Swatzell, 1942 on its reverse, has all the hallmarks of a family photo.
Ms. Posten then had the idea to post the picture on her Twitter and Facebook accounts, hoping to find its owners.
His message, widely shared by the Internet community, allowed him to get in touch with a family in Dawson Springs, a city in the state of Kentucky partly destroyed by the force of the tornadoes.
A member of that family, the Swatzells, recognized the photo and identified the people in it. Wow. To think she traveled so far. These are my dad's grandparents, wrote Cole Swatzell, on Facebook.
Dawson Springs and New Albany are approximately 210 kilometers apart as the crow flies, two communities located in two different states. Katie Posten has indicated her intention to return the photo to the Swatzell family.
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