United States: a man in a bulletproof vest killed by the police in Hollywood

 Sylvie Claire / April 25, 2021


U.S. police officers shot and killed a man wearing a bulletproof vest in Hollywood on Saturday after he crashed his car into a police vehicle while driving in reverse, police in Los Angeles (western United States) said.


The officers were responding to a call when a car pulled in front of their vehicle on Sunset Boulevard, slammed on the brakes and then backed into it, city police said on Twitter


The driver of the car got out, he was wearing a bulletproof vest and had his right hand hidden behind him, police said. He walked up to (the officers) who had exited their patrol vehicle. He counted +3, 2, 1+ and started moving his arm forward, police then opened fire. The man was shot and pronounced dead at the scene.


The famous Sunset Boulevard was temporarily closed to traffic. A body covered in a white sheet lay on the roadway next to a black vehicle with a side window on the driver's side shattered, photographs showed


Specialized police investigators went to the scene to try to clarify the circumstances of the incident, the LAPD said.

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