U.S. high school shooting: shooter's parents charged with manslaughter

Eva Deschamps / December 4,  2021

The parents of the teenager who opened fire Tuesday at a northern U.S. high school, killing four people, were charged Friday with manslaughter, Oakland County District Attorney Karen McDonald announced.
Fifteen-year-old Ethan Crumbley is the one who walked into the school and pulled the trigger, but other people contributed to this event and I intend to hold them accountable, she said in announcing the charges against James and Jennifer Crumbley.
James Crumbley had purchased the semi-automatic pistol used by his son a few days earlier.
Four students at Oxford High School, a small town in Michigan, died and six others were injured, along with a teacher.
The shooter was arrested at the scene. He has been charged with terrorist act and murder and faces life in prison as he is being prosecuted as an adult.


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