Trump calls for re-election of Hungary's Viktor Orban, a great leader

Eva Deschamps / January 4, 2022

Former U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday announced his fullest support for the re-election campaign of ultraconservative Hungarian leader Viktor Orban, a great leader, respected by all.
Prime Minister Viktor Orban wholeheartedly loves his country and seeks security for his people, Donald Trump hailed in a highly laudatory statement, calling for support for the sovereignist leader in the April 2022 elections, which look extremely close.
Citing the remarkable work of Mr. Orban to protect Hungary, curb illegal immigration, create jobs, themes dear to the former U.S. president, Donald Trump assured him of his full support. He is a great leader, respected by all, he said.
When he was still in power, Donald Trump had received Mr. Orban in Washington, going against many European leaders, very critical of the positions of the Hungarian leader on migrants and LGBT people.
Viktor Orban, for his part, had deplored the loss of major international support after the departure of Donald Trump from the White House. Distancing himself from the numerous international condemnations, he had also called for no judgment" of the United States after the assault on the Capitol by supporters of the Republican billionaire.
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