This exhibition is organized in drive-in mode in California: the visitors circulate among the dinosaurs.

Steph Deschamps / January 16, 2021


The Jurassic Quest exhibition in the United States is taking place despite the coronavirus pandemic. Visitors are invited to discover it by car.


Visitors to Jurassic Quest can discover 70 life-size dinosaur models. Accompanied by an audio guide produced by paleontologists, they visit this exhibition in their car. It is indeed in the form of a drive-in that it has been organized.


This is the safest type of event you could attend during Covid, Adam Friedman, CEO of Jurassic Quest told Reuters. You stay safe in your own car. There's no risk to this event, other than having a good time.


The exhibition has already been set up in different places in the United States. It is to be seen in Pasadena, California, for one month. Since the end of July, about 300,000 vehicles have already visited the exhibition.

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