The lifeless bodies of three children discovered in a Los Angeles home

 Eva Deschamps / June 29, 2021

The lifeless bodies of three young children were found Monday in a Los Angeles area home. Investigators have not yet released any information about the deaths of the young victims.


Police responded to the scene after receiving an emergency call. At the scene, they discovered the bodies of two boys and a little girl, all under the age of 3. The bodies showed no apparent signs of violence, a police official told the Los Angeles Times. In the house when paramedics arrived, the children's mother is currently being interviewed, authorities said.


The father was not present at the time of the incident, according to NBC. Another person was present when the police intervened. Authorities believe it was this person who made the emergency call, the Los Angeles Times said. The preliminary investigation showed that no negligence or abuse had been reported in the family, NBC added.

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