The launch of the Artemis rocket towards the Moon cancelled because of a technical problem

Steph Deschamps / August 29, 2022

The launch of the new mega rocket of Nasa towards the Moon was cancelled on Monday because of a technical problem on one of the main engines of the spacecraft, said Nasa in its live video, postponing de facto of at least a few days this launch, which must mark the beginning of the big American space program of return on the Moon, Artemis.
The new rocket of the Nasa, the most powerful of the world, was to take off for the first time this Monday from Florida, for a six weeks test mission towards the Moon, fifty years after the last flight of Apollo.
The Artemis 1 mission was to mark the launch of the American program of return on the Moon, which must allow humanity to then reach Mars, on board the same spacecraft.
The Orion capsule would be propelled unmanned into orbit around the Moon to verify that the vehicle is safe for future astronauts - including the first woman and the first person of color to walk on the lunar surface.
The next possible launch date is Friday, September 2, then September 5. But the problem will first have to be evaluated by Nasa teams before determining a new date.
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