The Golden State killer, a former police officer who admitted to 13 murders and dozens of rapes, sentenced to several life terms

Sylvie Claire / August 22, 2020


The "Golden State killer," a former police officer who terrorized California in the 1970s and 1980s, was sentenced to life in prison on Friday and apologized to his victims in court.


Joseph James DeAngelo Jr., 74, admitted 13 murders and dozens of rapes as part of a deal negotiated with the prosecution to avoid the death penalty.


“I have listened to all of your testimonies. Each of them. And I’m very sorry for everyone I’ve hurt, ”he said before the judge handed down the verdict: 11 life terms, with no possibility of parole.


Judge Michael Bowman said he handed down the absolutely maximum sentence the court could legally order.


For three days, the victims of Joseph DeAngelo had testified in court.


The survivors spoke clearly - the accused does not deserve mercy, the judge stressed as applause erupted in the courtroom.


The "Golden State killer" committed dozens of murders and rapes between 1975 and 1986. The ages of his victims ranged from 14 to 41 years.


Most of his crimes took place around Sacramento, but some took place in San Francisco Bay and the far south of the California coast, as he moved with his wife.


He would break into his victims' homes at night. He often assaulted single women when they slept, or couples, tying them up, then raping the women in front of their mate.


It took to identify the DNA left at the scene of the crimes and the cross-checks made with genetic information on a member of the serial killer's family discovered on a website devoted to genealogy.


After today's sentence, Mr. DeAngelo will never again threaten our victims, said prosecutor Diana Becton. He will no longer hurt any human being.

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