Shooting in a furniture store in Texas: one dead and several injured

 Sylvie Claire / April 9, 2021

One person died Thursday and several others were injured, four of them critically, in a shooting at a Texas furniture store, local police said.


The alleged perpetrator of the shooting has been arrested and is a store employee Bryan City Police tweeted. His motives remain unknown at this time. At about 14:30 we were informed of a shooting, officers responded and found several victims on the scene, had reported earlier to the press Jason James, spokesman for the police in Bryan, located between Houston and Dallas. One person died, he said later to AFP. Five people were also injured, four of them seriously, and hospitalized. These facts intervened a few hours after the president Joe Biden unveiled at the White House targeted measures aiming at limiting the proliferation of firearms in the United States, where the shootings are a recurring plague.

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