Police violence: Black man shot dead by police while walking away from them in US, police shot 7 times

Steph Deschamps / August 24, 2020


A death which once again revives the controversy around police violence against African-Americans in the United States.


This is a new video that is touring social networks this Monday in the United States. We see a black man being shot eleven times by the police.


The incident took place at a gas station in Lafayette, Louisiana. According to information from our colleagues at TMZ, the security forces were called in for "unrest". Half a dozen police arrived at the scene. According to a witness, the man had a knife in his hand. The agents then order him to finish but the man does nothing. The woman who filmed the scene assures us that a police officer hit the man but that he was still standing.


As the man moved closer and closer to the station door, police fired 7 shots. Louisiana State Police spokesperson said the man was involved in an altercation and that police were already following him before the incident.


Credit: Sudinfo

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