North-eastern USA hit by "historic » floods

Steph Deschamps / July 13, 2023

Emergency services are carrying out emergency evacuations of residents on Tuesday in Vermont, a northeastern US state hit by "historic and catastrophic" flooding after torrential rains.
Rescuers evacuated residents using inflatable boats and kayaks, according to U.S. media images, particularly in the state capital Montpelier, where the completely flooded downtown was closed until midday Tuesday.
More than a hundred people were rescued, according to the authorities.
The devastation and flooding we're experiencing is historic and catastrophic," lamented state governor Phil Scott at a press conference. He said the flooding had "exceeded the levels of Tropical Storm Irene", which killed six people in the state in 2011.
US President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency for Vermont, allowing federal aid to be released.
"The good news is that the rain has stopped in some areas, but that doesn't mean the waters will recede immediately," continued the governor.
We're expecting more rain later in the week, with nowhere to go in the oversaturated ground," he warned.
In a Facebook post, the City of Montpelier warned that a dam might fail and water would spill into the North Branch River, with a "considerable worsening of damage" to be feared.
Torrential rains - up to 20 cm in some places, according to the National Weather Service - fell between Sunday and Mondayacross the northeastern United States, particularly in the New York area, where flooding killed a woman trying to flee her home.


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