Nine teens shot and injured at Texas graduation party

Steph Deschamps / April 24, 2023

Nine teenagers were wounded at a graduation party in Texas Sunday morning. The shooting occurred shortly after midnight at a home in the town of Jasper, about 100 miles from Houston, according to U.S. police. No injuries are life-threatening, according to the county sheriff.
All victims were between 15 and 19 years old.
No suspects have been intercepted at this time, while the investigation is ongoing and various individuals are being interviewed.
This latest shooting comes on the heels of a deadly one just a week earlier at a birthday party in Alabama that left four dead and 32 injured.
Five people have been arrested in connection with the shooting.
In both cases, police have not speculated on the motives of the shooters.
Gun violence is a scourge in the United States where gun laws are very permissive. Fatal shootings, especially in schools, are a regular occurrence.


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