New shooting leaves at least two dead and five injured in Los Angeles

Sylvie Claire / July 25, 2022

Shots fired Sunday night in a Los Angeles park left two people dead and five injured, according to local media. The police did not exclude the hypothesis that there was more than one shooter but have not yet arrested any suspect. An initial report said seven people were injured, two of them in critical condition. The victims were transported to nearby hospitals where two of them were pronounced dead. They are a man and a woman. The injured are between 23 and 54 years old.
The shots were fired in the public park Peck Park, located in the neighborhood of San Pedro, not far from a car show. According to the first elements of the investigation, the shootings were the result of a discussion between two groups.
Police are still searching the park and are not ruling out other victims, a spokeswoman said.
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