Mystery surrounding the death of a couple, their baby and their dog in California: There are no gunshot wounds, not a single clue

Steph Deschamps / August 24, 2021

Not a single clue. In California, a family has died under mysterious conditions. The lifeless bodies were found last week on a hiking trail in the Sierra National Forest. No signs of blows or wounds, no obvious signs of poisoning, California authorities have no clues to determine the cause of death.
Rescuers located John (45), his wife Ellen (31), their one-year-old baby and their dog on a remote trail called the Devil's gulch on August 17. The day before, the nanny had reported them missing. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the man was sitting with his dog and child next to him, while his wife was further up the hill.
You arrive at the scene and everyone is dead. There's no gunshot wounds, no bottle of medicine, not a single clue. It's a big mystery, Mariposa County Sheriff Jeremy Briese told the newspaper.
Investigators are looking at two possibilities. The first is that of possible toxins released by blue-green algae from a nearby river. The second is carbon monoxide poisoning from a disused mine shaft. This scenario is highly unlikely according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Local authorities are waiting for the results of the toxicological analysis, which will undoubtedly allow them to move forward in the case.
Since then, a sign that appears to have been newly installed at the beginning of the family's trail warns, Harmful algae may be present in this water. It warns hikers not to drink the water or eat shellfish, and to keep children and pets out of the water. Local residents said the sign was only recently installed after the family was found dead.
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