Mysterious death of Gabrielle Petito: Brian's parents suddenly left their house in an RV, reveals a neighbor

Steph Deschamps / September 23, 2021

This is a story that was reported on many news sites this morning. A neighbor of the family of Brian Laundrie, currently wanted by the FBI in the murder Gabrielle Petito, told WINK-TV to have seen the Laundrie family leave their home on September 11, the same day that the young Instagrammer Gabby Petito was reported missing.
This couple who live across the street reported seeing the 23-year-old Brian and his parents leaving their home in a motor home on Saturday, September 11. The three family members loading their camper quickly. This trip occurred one week after the young man returned to his parents' home abruptly ending the road trip he was taking with his fiancée Gabrielle. 
Laundrie's family told police last week that they had not seen Brian since September 14.
But what did they do for 3 days? Did they help him escape? That's the question all of America is asking. 
The neighbor also detailed to Fox News that the reason the trip caught his attention was because he thought it was strange for parents to go camping with their adult son in such a small trailer.
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