In the United States, Amazon offers unlimited drugs for $5 a month

Eva Deschamps / January 25, 2023

Amazon on Tuesday launched a subscription that provides unlimited generic prescription drugs at no extra cost for $5 a month, an offer for its Prime customers, according to a statement.
The service, called RxPass, offers a range of generic drugs "that treat more than 80 common conditions," said Amazon, which estimates that more than 150 million Americans occasionally or regularly take one or more of them.
RxPass does not require the involvement of a health insurer, unlike the regular system in which the cost of drugs is covered, in whole or in part, by health insurance or public Medicare and Medicaid coverage.
The initiative reflects Amazon's desire to continue to develop its health offering, whether it be drugs or care. In particular, the group announced at the end of July the acquisition of the private healthcare network One Medical, for $3.9 billion.
RxPass is one of the most advanced formulas in the low-cost drug market, along with Walmart's drug list service, which provides one month's treatment for a given generic drug for $4.
In October, the start-up Renee launched an offer that allows you to obtain, at no extra cost, drugs from among some 1,000 references for a subscription price of $25.
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