He showed me his guns and said 'don't worry': who was Salvador Ramos, the young man who terrorized a school in Texas?

Eva Deschamps / May 25, 2022

Identified as Salvador Ramos, the young man who terrorized a Texas school last night also died in the killing.
The death toll of 19 children and two adults was confirmed by the State Security Department. This number does not include the shooter, who was carrying at least one rifle and paramilitary gear, said Sergeant Erick Estrada on CNN.
Salvador Ramos, a U.S. citizen, allegedly first targeted his grandmother, whose condition remained unclear, before driving to the school to carry out his massacre.
The young man lived with his grandmother. He was considered a quiet person, according to his colleagues at the fast-food restaurant where he worked five days a week. He had not been to school for several months.

Shortly before the attack, Salvador Ramos had sent a friend on Instagram photos of a gun and ammunition. Since not showing up to class, the young man didn't have much contact with his friends. However, he regularly sent them photos of his weapons: I said to him 'why do you have all this?', explained one of his friends, he replied 'don't bother’.
According to this same friend, Salvador Ramos was regularly mocked for his clothes and his family's financial situation when he was in school.
A few days ago, on his Facebook profile, he had stated that he was about to act and that he wanted to reveal a secret. The profile in question has been deleted.
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