Five dead in Alabama, USA, hit by violent tornadoes

Sylvie Claire / Mars 27, 2021

Five people, including three members of the same family, died Thursday during a tornado in the U.S. state of Alabama, where several regions have been placed under a state of emergency, authorities said


Images of the bad weather circulated on social networks, showing debris flying in the sky, trees on the ground and damaged houses.


In the community of Ohatchee, three people from the same family who were in a wooden structure died, as did one person in a mobile home, Calhoun County Medical Examiner Pat Brown told AFP.


One person also died in Wellington, he added.


Calhoun County Emergency Services had called on residents to take shelter immediately.


The Calhoun Sheriff's Office reported significant damage in Ohatchee and near Wellington.


According to, more than 35,000 homes in Alabama were without power by late afternoon.


The bad weather is expected to continue into the evening, authorities said.



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