Dustin Diamond (Screech from Saved by the Bell) urgently hospitalized in serious condition

Sylvie Claire / January 14, 2021


Dustin Diamond, who became famous by taking on the role of Screech in the series Saved by the Bell is in trouble. The actor was hospitalized in Florida this weekend, confirmed a representative of the actor at the gossip site of the stars, TMZ


Diamond, 44, entered for observation after complaining that his entire body was suffering. His medical team feared he was suffering from cancer while he was in hospital. The actor had lost his mother to breast cancer and would have undergone a biopsy to diagnose his condition.


Since the end of filming the series, Dustin Diamond has been struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. The actor also spent 3 months in jail after being involved in a bar fight in which a man was stabbed. 


While the creators of Saved by the Bell announced a reboot of the series, all the original actors were contacted to participate except Dustin Diamond who confided to several newspapers his disappointment at not being able to participate.

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