Donald Trump takes credit for developing a coronavirus vaccine and suggests it be named Trumpcine .

Sylvie Claire / April 11, 2021


Former U.S. President Donald Trump said one of the coronavirus vaccines should be named after him, according to a speech to Republican Party officials at Mar-a-Lago, the billionaire's Florida home. He also repeated unproven claims that voter fraud tainted the November presidential election and attacked Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, The Washington Post reports .


Donald Trump, who has remained in the shadows since leaving the White House and being banned from the social network Twitter after the Capitol Hill riots, attacked, among others, American epidemiologist Anthony Fauci in his speech. According to a listener, Trump said that Fauci was only respected because he was always critical of the former president. Donald Trump then took credit for developing a vaccine for the coronavirus. They should call it 'Trumpcine, he said. He also praised his administration's handling of the pandemic, although he has remained notably silent on the more than half a million deaths from the coronavirus in the United States.



Since the massive vaccination campaign, which began after the transfer of power in Washington, the number of infections and deaths has dropped significantly. The former president further accused Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell - though long a staunch ally of his but who did not support him in his accusations of voter fraud - of not doing enough to keep him in the White House. If it was Schumer, instead of that 'stupid motherfucker' McConnell, this never would have happened, Trump said, referring to Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. They would have challenged him, he stressed.

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