Donald and Melania Trump at your birthday party? You can do it by filling out this form!

 Sylvie Claire / April 2, 2021

But what are Donald Trump and his wife doing since they left the White House? Apparently, they want to be invited to all kinds of parties, as you can see on their website!


If you dream of seeing Melania and Donald Trump at your son's communion, at your wedding or at your birthday party, just fill out a form! Of course, the site does not indicate what it will cost you! We guess it's not cheap, but when you're a fan, you don't count!


The 45 office website, which offers this service, states: Thank you for your interest in inviting Donald J. Trump or Melania Trump to participate in your event. To ensure that your invitation is received in a timely manner, it is highly recommended that you submit your request using the form below. Due to the volume of invitations President and Mrs. Trump receive, we will not be providing status updates. Thank you for your understanding.


In the form, you can indicate whether you want to invite only Melania, only Trump or the couple altogether. The form also asks you to specify if the media will be present. A way to avoid some or to take advantage of others .


You think your budget does not allow you to invite these two personalities? If not, you can also fall back on a little note from the former president. On this page, you can receive greetings. Birthday, condolence, diploma, military retirement, scouting award... Choose your occasion, there is something for everyone. Obviously, here too, expect the piece of paper signed by Trump to have a cost. 

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