Discreet birthday for Joe Biden: the American president celebrates his 80th birthday

Eva Deschamps / November 21, 2022


This is the first time a sitting U.S. president has turned 80, but Joe Biden, whose age is being debated as he considers a re-election bid, didn't especially mark the occasion Sunday.
It wasn't until mid-afternoon that his wife Jill Biden posted a loving message, with two photos of the couple dancing in tuxedos and gala attire.
"I wouldn't want to dance with anyone else. Happy birthday Joe! Love you," the First Lady tweeted.
This is the only publication that came from the White House, which did not plan any public event on Sunday and had not specifically indicated how, or even if, the president would celebrate his birthday.
On Saturday, the president had on the other hand celebrated at the White House another important family event: the wedding of his granddaughter Naomi, closed to the press.
It is also with his family that the Democrat intends to discuss his possible candidacy for the 2024 presidential election. So far, he repeats that he "intends" to run, and has promised to make his decision public early next year.
According to various polls, a majority of Americans reject the idea of a new candidacy.
While Joe Biden is not an exception in the American political landscape, where it is not uncommon to come across influential figures who are happily over 70 or even 75 years old, the mid-term elections have brought about the beginning of a generational change in his party.
The very influential Nancy Pelosi, 82 years old, for example, gave up on Thursday to run for a new term as Speaker of the House of Representatives.
The American president had undergone a detailed medical check-up about a year ago, concluding that he was "vigorous" and "in good health ».
But Joe Biden, like other presidents before him, bears the marks of an exhausting office. It is now difficult to forget his age, which is reflected in his stiffer walk and some moments of confusion.
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