Disappearance of Gabrielle Petito, 22 years old traveler, in the USA: the FBI searches the house of her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie

Steph Deschamps / September 21, 2021


Investigators are conducting a search of the home of Brian Laundrie, the boyfriend of Gabrielle Petito, the 22-year-old American traveler whose body may have been found yesterday. No further details can be provided as this is an active and ongoing investigation the FBI said on social media.
Within hours of arriving at the house, law enforcement towed Brian Laundrie's silver Ford Mustang from the driveway. Police are still looking for the young man who vanished after his girlfriend disappeared.
As a reminder, after a trip across the country with his fiancée Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie returned home alone. Gabby Petito seemed to have mysteriously disappeared. Immediately afterwards, and as concerns arose about the young woman's disappearance, Brian Laundrie himself disappeared.
Authorities confirmed Sunday that a body found in the Bridger-Teton section of the Wyoming National Forest matched the description of the missing 22-year-old woman.
Laundrie is considered a person of interest in the case. That is, he is not currently wanted as a suspect. His attorney, Steven Bertolino, said he has no response from his client at this time. The lawyer nevertheless announced that he would hold a press conference at 1 p.m on Tuesday, September 21 in New York.
Shocked by the disappearance of the young woman, inhabitants of North Port in Florida set up a memorial in homage to Gabrielle Petito. One can see candles, stuffed animals and writings in memory of the young woman. 
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