Coronavirus: Joe Biden will offer free beer to all Americans if 70% of the population is vaccinated by National Day

 Steph Deschamps / June 3, 2021

To motivate Americans to get vaccinated, Democratic President Joe Biden plans to pull out all the stops, promising a financial reward, as well as tickets to sporting events and beer if 70 percent of citizens have received at least their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine by the Fourth of July national holiday. To achieve this goal, Biden is working with various organizations, ABC News reported Wednesday.


The vaccination campaign seems to be running out of steam in the United States, with fewer than 600,000 Americans vaccinated per day out of a total population of more than 331 million. At the peak of the campaign in April, nearly two million injections were being given daily.


In order to reverse this trend, Joe Biden announced a month-long effort with schools, social network influencers, businesses and civil society organizations.


Among these players, the brewer Anheuser-Busch (InBev) will distribute free beer, if this threshold of 70% of Americans having received their first dose is reached.

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