Can we really believe Donald Trump's doctors? It's very hard to trust her administration, she has been lying for 4 years

Sylvie Claire / September 5, 2020


Last Friday, Donald Trump announced that he had tested positive for coronavirus with his wife Mélania. Since then, he assures us "to go very well". Doctors, too, were confident about the progress of the US president's health. But what can we really believe from these claims?


Is Donald Trump really doing well? After announcing that he had tested positive for coronavirus last Friday, the US president has repeatedly said he is well. Friday evening, a few hours after his shocking announcement, Donald Trump was hospitalized after having a fever and "mild symptoms". His doctors have since been quite confident in the president's state of health.


They assured on Sunday that the president's condition "continues to improve" and that he could "be released from hospital on Monday". "The President's oxygen level has dropped twice since the onset of symptoms, but he is better and no longer has a fever," White House doctor Sean Conley said from the military hospital by Walter Reed.


But can we really believe these statements about the state of health of the US president? "The big problem is that this is an administration that has only been lying for the past 4 years", explains Tanguy Struye, professor of international relations at UCLouvain.

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