California prepares for another storm

Eva Deschamps / March 11, 2023

A major new storm was headed for California on Thursday, which has already been hit this winter by a series of deluges that have produced record snowfall and heavy rainfall over the past three months.
Two "atmospheric rivers", huge rain corridors that carry water vapour stored in the tropics to dump waterspouts on the West Coast of the United States, are expected in the next few days.
This will generate significant snowfall in the state's mountains, which are already exceptionally covered, and torrential rains at lower elevations.
Some areas could receive up to 18 centimeters of rain, according to meteorologists, who warn of the risk of flooding and mudslides in the central and northern parts of the state.
In particular, the rain could fall in areas currently covered with snow. This could cause massive melting and runoff, which California's rivers may have difficulty containing.
Southern California will not escape the weather, although Los Angeles and surrounding areas are less likely to be flooded.
However, the San Diego Weather Services Agency (NWS) is warning of a rain event expected Friday over the region's already snowy mountains.
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