American TV stars buy back iconic New York ferry

Eva Deschamps / January 22, 2022

Saving a part of New York's heritage: a huge ferry emblematic of the Manhattan-Staten Island link is going to be transformed into a cultural place after being bought by a cafe-theater owner and American TV stars, it was learned Friday.
The famous orange ferry John F. Kennedy, which connected since 1965 the two districts of New York, was sold by the city to Paul Italia, real estate agent at the head of the comedy club The Stand in Manhattan, associated with comedians of the cult show of NBC Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson and Colin Jost, confirmed Mr. Italia to AFP.
The New York Times broke the story earlier Friday.
Pete Davidson is reportedly the boyfriend of reality TV star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian, and Colin Jost is married to movie superstar Scarlett Johansson. Both men are from Staten Island, one of the five boroughs of New York City, south of Manhattan Island, and Pete Davidson still lives there.
According to the city administration that sold it, the iconic John F. Kennedy -- 85 meters long, 2,100 tons and retired from the fleet in August for out-of-service engines -- went up for auction at $280,100 for a bid of $125,000.
Paul Italia wants to make it a live performance space with stand-up, music, art, and dining, but he doesn't say how to tow the huge orange ship and dock it permanently.
Why did you buy such a ferry, whose free service is known to all New Yorkers and which was promised to be scrapped?
Because each of us really wants to save a part (of the heritage) of New York, justified in the New York Times Paul Italia.
And according to the businessman, the ship John F. Kennedy holds a special place in the hearts of his two partners Davidson and Jost, Staten Island natives.
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