A strange video published on TikTok a few minutes showed a young girl missing since 2014 ?

Steph Deschamps / January 15, 2021


It is a case that is shaking up America. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) launched an investigation on Thursday, after the publication of a mysterious video on TikTok. The video, which also circulated on Facebook for a few hours, shows a girl sitting in the back of a car with two men. The girl, who has bruises under her eyes, looks silently at the camera with her head tilted while the men talk to each other. Some are convinced that it is Cassie Compton, 17, a young American girl from Arkansas, who disappeared in 2014, reports the Fox News site.


a Storz, a private investigator who has been looking for Compton for years, said the girl looked very much like her but she couldn't confirm it was her. She said she alerted local authorities and tried to find out who posted the video.


A few hours after this sudden interest, a woman posted a video on Instagram, claiming to be the one on the video. She said she did not know who Compton was and that her eyes had been injured in a robbery. The young woman says she is fine. Some newspapers believe it is another missing girl in Southern CaliforniaTin. 


Police in Stuttgart, the city where Cassie disappeared, said they received dozens of calls about the video. Chief Mark Duke said in a statement: We have investigators working on this subject at the moment and cannot disclose further information at this time. An investigation is ongoing.

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