A police officer foils an attempted kidnapping of a 6-year-old girl: the officer's bodycam captured the scene

Steph Deschamps / July 6, 2021

A police officer saved a 6-year-old girl from a kidnapping attempt. The officer's bodycam recorded the heroic scene.
On July 2, a Kentucky police officer foiled the kidnapping of a 6-year-old girl. The little victim was riding her bike when a man in a red car pulled up to her and forced her into his vehicle. Fortunately, a witness to the scene alerted law enforcement, who were able to respond quickly.
Having in his possession the plate of the individual, a police officer saved the victim. The heroic act was recorded by the officer's bodycam. I want my daddy, the child then shouted to the police officer.
The suspect, a 40-year-old man, was arrested at the same time. He is accused of kidnapping a minor, but pleads not guilty despite the images against him.
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