A car runs a red light and causes a terrible fatal crash in Las Vegas: the accident between 6 cars killed 9

Steph Deschamps / January 31, 2022

While running a red light in Las Vegas on Saturday afternoon, a driver hit multiple vehicles in a crash that took the lives of nine people in the American gambling city.
The vehicle, a Dodge Challenger, crossed while the light was red around 3 p.m. and struck a Toyota, a Ford Fusion, a Chevrolet Malibu, a Hyundai Tucson and a Mercedes-Benz SUV, North Las Vegas police confirmed.
At least 15 people were involved in the pile-up. The driver at fault and his passenger died. The other victims were children and adults, according to police.
At least one person was hospitalized in serious condition and others suffered injuries but their lives are not in danger.
Police did not specify the reason for the crash, the speed of the driver or whether he was intoxicated.
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