2020 US presidential election: Trump suggests Americans try to vote twice, causes outcry

Sylvie Claire / September 4, 2020


US President Donald Trump, who has been confusing for months on the conduct of the upcoming election, has suggested that his supporters vote twice, sparking outrage.


"Let them send their vote (by mail) and let them vote in person," he said on Wednesday, when asked about the system in place in North Carolina, one of the key states in the election. November 3. "If their system is as good as they say it is, then they won't be able to vote (twice)," he continued, in the willingly provocative register he loves.


In a long series of tweets on Thursday, he tried to rectify the situation a bit, while continuing to maintain the confusion.


For several months, the tenant of the White House has expressed doubts about the validity of the upcoming ballot. He insists - without any concrete evidence to support it - that the increased use of postal voting due to the Covid-19 epidemic could lead to massive fraud.


It is illegal to vote twice in an election, recalled Karen Brinson Bell, director of the North Carolina Election Office.


Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders strongly denounced the presidential remarks.


“For years Donald Trump lied about electoral fraud’. Today he is calling on the people of North Carolina to commit an offense by voting twice, "he protested.

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