LIVE - Snapchat accuses Trump of inciting "racial violence" and stops promoting his posts

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Steph Deschamps / June 3, 2020

USA - Tensions have not subsided in the United States since the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, during an arrest in Minneapolis. In terms of the investigation, the four police officers were prosecuted for "murder" on Wednesday. Follow the latest news on the drama.



The social network Snapchat accuses Donald Trump of inciting "racial violence" and officially stops promoting his publications accordingly.

The messages of the American president, however, remain visible to subscribers to his account and appear when a user makes a specific search.



Jim Mattis, the former Defense Minister of Donald Trump who resigned to protest against the withdrawal of American troops from Syria, accuses the President of the United States of trying to "divide" America.

"In my lifetime, Donald Trump is the first president who doesn't try to bring the Americans together, who doesn't even pretend to try," he said in a statement posted online by The Atlantic on Wednesday. .

"Instead, he is trying to divide us," added the highly respected former general of the Marines who had so far displayed his reservations without ever commenting directly on the mandate of the Republican billionaire.



Thousands of people gathered in Stockholm and Helsinki on Wednesday for demonstrations against racism, which were gradually dissolved by the police due to restrictions imposed by the authorities to combat the coronavirus.

In Stockholm, several thousand demonstrators, often young and some wearing a health mask, peacefully gathered in the early evening in the Swedish capital - anti-racism slogans and signs in hand, painted with the name of George Floyd, an Afro- American deceased nine days ago after his arrest by the American police. Cries of rallying against the Democrats of Sweden, the Swedish far-right party, were also heard. The police, however, gradually dissolved the demonstration due to the limitation of rallies set at 50 people in the country for health reasons.

Earlier in the day, in the Finnish capital Helsinki, some 3,000 people gathered peacefully, chanting slogans like "Black lives matter" or displaying "I can't breathe" signs. ("I can not breathe").



Donald Trump appears as the first result of the accounts suggested by typing in English the word "racist" in the Twitter search. The result of an algorithm that should not fix the already strained relations between the American president and the platform.

The British newspaper The Independent is the first Wednesday to have noted this curiosity in the context of widespread protests across the United States against racism and police violence. "If an account is regularly associated with certain terms, they can emerge together into recommendations through an algorithm," said a Twitter spokesperson.

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