Twitter to close its Periscope live video platform

Sylvie Claire / December 16, 2020


Twitter on Tuesday announced plans to shut down Periscope, its live video platform, by March explaining in a blog post that the app, which faces a continuing decline in user numbers, does not was more financially sustainable.


Over the past two years we've seen a drop in usage and we know the costs (...) will only increase over time, Twitter explains in this post. The truth is that the Periscope application has been in an unsustainable mode of maintenance, and has been for a while, adds the group, which bought Periscope in 2015. The application will no longer be available for download from March 2021. Nevertheless , most of the basic Periscope functionality will be retained, and integrated into Twitter. We would probably have made this decision earlier, if the year 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic had not redefined the priorities, still laments Twitter . 

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