Instagram launches "Reels", a new feature that could make you a world star

Sylvie Claire / June 24, 2020

Instagram launches "Reels", a new feature that could make you a world star

The social network is launching this new product in France, Germany and Brazil for a first phase of testing


Earning a living with Instagram is more or less the dream your social network wants to see. As of Wednesday, June 24, the Billion User app launches "Reels", a new feature intended only for France, Germany and Brazil at the moment. While 45% of the videos posted last month were less than 15 seconds long, the company decided to work more on this aspect by adding a new tab which, let's be honest, reminds us a bit of TikTok. Explanations.

When you swipe your finger toward the camera feature built into Instagram, you will now see a new button labeled "Reels." By clicking on it, you will access a whole catalog of songs, effects and options which will allow you to create short videos edited and edited at will. The peculiarity lies in the place of destination of the video. You can choose to share it in your news feed or directly in the "Explore" tab, making it visible to the world.

If this new feature reminds us of TikTok, it is because in particular it uses the same scroll function to move from one video to another. Like the Chinese app, it is also possible to take the sound or effect of a video and apply it to your own content. And just like her, you can create a global buzz in just one video.


A collaboration with influencers for its launch

“Anyone can be discovered in“ Explore ”. It's a huge stage for creators who can perform in front of an international audience, "said Tessa Lyons-Laing, Director of Product at Instagram. By choosing to put so much emphasis on the content on the application, Instagram has a desire: "to transform its passion into work and discover the new generation of talents. "

To test this new section, the social network called on popular online personalities such as Bilal Hassani, Nawell Madani, Issa Doumbia, Studio Danielle, Riles or Wejdene. Riadh (and its nearly three million subscribers) was also able to preview this brand new button. "I see this as a new way for us to expand our community," he says. It will give new content creators the chance to stand out, it will be more diverse, and we will be able to try things out. "

"When you go to Instagram, it's usually for two things: sharing your life with family and friends, and entertaining people," says Tessa Lyons-Laing. Now all you have to do is pick up your phone and become known to a billion people around the world. And all this in less than 15 seconds. What a dream.


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