In Switzerland, a physicist has developed an assisted suicide capsule that gives death in 30 seconds

Steph Deschamps / December 9, 2021

While Switzerland already legally authorizes assisted suicide, a former physicist, working for the company Exit International, has developed a system to kill himself gently.
With the help of a capsule called Sarco, the person wishing to end his life will have to settle in this kind of futuristic cocoon in order to press, from the inside, a button releasing nitrogen. From then on, the level of oxygen will quickly drop from 21% to 1%, described Dr. Philip Nitschke to Swissinfo.
The developer explains that the individual will feel a little disoriented and slightly euphoric before losing consciousness. Death then occurs in thirty seconds. The physicist assures that there is no feeling of suffocation or panic.
The first use of this device could occur next year.
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