Back in Europe, Thomas Pesquet wants a shower and a coffee

Sylvie Claire / November 10, 2021

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet has arrived in Cologne, after spending six months on the International Space Station. The Frenchman has rather simple desires, after such a long trip, desires for simple activities on Earth. What do I want? I want a good shower, I think, and this is an experience that will be a bit special, I think, because in the station, as soon as you play with water, it goes in all directions, and to see all the water droplets falling in the same direction, it will be like in a science fiction movie. But yes of that, maybe a little bit of earthly food, with a good night's sleep in a good bed, a coffee, a breakfast and then we'll have to get back to work. Yeah, a little bit of cheese, we had cheese a little bit on the station, but still not what you can get here.
What is his assessment of his mission? Somehow, I didn't have time to look at it in the rear-view mirror this mission, we have so much head in the handlebars, but I think that there were many things that happened, we did some extra-vehicular sorties, which were probably among the most spectacular that I have seen, not only those that I took part in, but that I have seen at all. We still went to the very end of the station to install 17-meter solar panels.
The French astronaut is already planning to see his colleagues on the Station again. We were already texting each other on the plane: 'So how's it going, etc., head spinning?' It really became a family actually. We really lived everything together for 6 months, they are really people that I like a lot, that I admire a lot. And we're going to meet again very soon, we were already talking about that, about meeting again. I'm going back to Houston on December 6th, I think. Everyone is planning to come to France because obviously I've been telling them about France, cheese, etc.
Astronaut Thomas Pesquet successfully concluded his second space mission on Tuesday, after a successful water landing off the coast of Florida. A long period of readjustment to Earth's gravity now awaits him.
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