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Sylvie Claire / June 13, 2020


The couple of shame: they abandon their 16-week-old twins to party for four days, one of the two infants dies…| Net Worth Space


How can you abandon your children to party? A Russian couple had no regrets about leaving their 16-week-old twins alone… to party for four long days. Today, Margarita and Alexey, 23 and 35 years old respectively, are charged with murder. One of their two infants and indeed starved to death.


The two children were found by their grandmother, reports The Mirror, when their mother explained to her friends that they were in hospital because of the coronavirus. "In four days, they did not feed the children or organize alternative care for them. They subjected them to hunger, did not ensure hygiene, leaving the babies in a socially dangerous state, "said a source close to the investigation.


Unfortunately, one of the small victims did not survive. The other is currently fighting for a living. The couple face up to 20 years in prison.



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