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Steph Deschamps / June 18, 2020

Russia: Putin installs "disinfectant tunnel" to access his residence | Net Worth Space


The Russian authorities have installed a disinfection airlock which sprinkles products on visitors authorized to access President Vladimir Putin in his residence, so as not to risk contamination with the new coronavirus.


Vladimir Putin has worked since the start of the pandemic mainly in his residence in Novo-Ogariovo, near Moscow.


To protect the president from contamination, visitors must pass through a device that sprays disinfectant on all sides, according to a video published Tuesday evening on Twitter by journalists from the public agency Ria Novosti covering the Russian presidency. .


According to the authorities of the Penza region, where the device was manufactured, this airlock "ensures the security of the Head of State and all those who visit him ».


The manufacturer of the machine specializes in automated cleaning devices for industries. The device installed in Mr. Poutine's residence is also capable of measuring the temperature of visitors and is equipped with facial recognition technology, according to the manufacturer.


According to the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin is regularly tested as are those who are in contact with him. Visitors must be screened before meeting it.


Despite the measures, many senior Russian officials have been infected with the coronavirus such as the Kremlin spokesperson Dmitri Peskov, Prime Minister Mikhail Michoustin, several ministers and deputies.


In March, Vladimir Putin shook hands and was in close contact, without a mask, with the chief medical officer of one of the main hospitals treating coronavirus patients. The doctor, Denis Protsenko, had announced shortly after being reached by the disease.


Russia has more than 553,000 cases of coronavirus and 7,478 dead, according to official figures on Wednesday.

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