Donald Trump: Joe Biden is going to be your president because a few people don't like me

Steph Deschamps / June 28, 2020

Donald Trump: Joe Biden is going to be your president because a few people don't like me  | Net Worth Space


President Donald Trump recently gave a long interview to Fox News. For almost 45 minutes, the American strongman answered questions from the journalist and from citizens present in the audience. He notably tackled the next presidential election. Facing him next November, there will be Joe Biden, candidate for the Democratic Party.


Donald Trump's popularity at its lowest

And it must be admitted that a few months before this election, Donald Trump is not unanimous. Its popularity is at an all-time low. According to a recent survey, 40% of respondents support the current president, compared to 58% who do not support him. One in two Americans "strongly disapproves" of "Trump's work ».


So in this interview with the American channel, the president acknowledged that his opponent could be elected president next November "because some people don't like me. You know, all I do is my job" , said the billionaire before recalling that his mandate had been very flourishing, according to him, until the arrival of the "Chinese plague", said Donald Trump. "We have had the best job figures we have ever had, the best economy and the best financial market," said the President.


A few seconds before, Donald Trump had not failed to scratch Joe Biden. "It's amazing what's going on. No one hears it. As soon as he speaks, he can't put two sentences together. I don't want to be nice or mean, but the man can't speak . « 


On the eve of this interview and these glowing comments, Joe Biden had strongly criticized his opponent calling him "a child" for his management of the Covid-19 crisis.


The president is "like a child who can't believe this happened to him - all his moans and self-pity," said Joe Biden, at a campaign rally.


"This pandemic did not happen to him. It happened to all of us. And his job is not to complain. His job is to do something. To lead," said the former vice president, relayed by ABC News 


Credit : RTBF

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