Yemen: 14 civilians killed in an attack in Marib

 Sylvie Claire / June 16, 2021

Fourteen civilians were killed Saturday in the bombing of a gas station in Marib, the last stronghold of government forces in war-torn northern Yemen, according to the official government news agency, which blames Houthi rebels for the attack.


Supported by Iran, the Houthis have been trying since February to wrest Marib, an oil-rich region, from the loyalist forces, supported by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia.


Houthi militias targeted the gas station as dozens of cars lined up, sparking a massive fire that killed 14 civilians, including a girl, and injured five others, including a child, Saba news agency reported.


The Houthis did not react to this statement.


The attack took place a few hours after the arrival of an Omani delegation in Sana'a, the rebel-controlled capital of Yemen.

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